How to Buy Your First Home in Oro Valley, AZ

Buyers often choose a favorite neighborhood without any idea of how much the homes cost in that area.

Just watch any home buying show, and first-time buyers (especially) will venture into area, choose the homes they love and then be shell-shocked when the find out the prices.

Mind adjustments happen quickly!


Finding a house that isn’t so perfect is common. Often repairs, updates and even structural fixes need to occur. These can all be things buyers don’t plan on when figuring the cost of home ownership.

A good agent will help buyers identify all of these things BEFORE they even write an offer.

Other things buyers can do to get ready for the biggest purchase in their lives:


1. Get pre-approved before starting the house hunt, so you know your price range.


2. Some  use conventional financing with private mortgage insurance, which allows them to put down 5 percent instead of 20 percent. The mortgage payment is higher, but still within a monthly budget.


3. A lower down payment makes it possible to buy a expensive home.


4. Putting less money down also allows them to keep cash for the renovations.