Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Faster in Oro Valley

Selling your home? A few simple, affordable staging tips

Remember the last time you walked through a furniture showroom?

 You probably noticed that the sofa, chairs, tables and other furnishings were arranged - or staged - to make them look more appealing.

You might have seen an attractive lamp on a sofa end table, or an appetizing bowl of fruit on a dining room buffet.


When preparing your home for sale, you should do much the same thing. Stage each room to make it look its best. Studies prove this will help sell your home faster and for a better price.

In fact, there are professional stagers who provide consulting and installation for home staging. As your real estate agent, I can also provide you with practical ideas to get your home prepared for sale.

  • Create a spacious environment:
    Make each room look as large/spacious as possible. If you need to rent a storage space or friend’s extra room for a month or two, it’s well worth it.Put some items, and even some furniture, into storage.

  • Toaster, coffee makers, phone chargers are all handy, but clutter:
    Remove unnecessary items from countertops, tables and shelves.

  • Stand back and look at your shelves:
    Keep decorative objects on shelves, tables and even sofas, in odd number groupings. According to Barb Schwartz, the originator of staging, this combination works best. For example, have three pillows on a sofa, not two or four; have a cluster of small vases (3).

  • Update the older items:
    Make tired piece of furniture look stylish by adding a throw cover.

  • Add life:
    Just about any living space is enhanced by adding flowers or a flowering plant.

  • Get out the good stuff:
    Have the table set with your best china. It creates a vision for the buyer to want to move in and sit down for dinner with friends and family!

  • Bathroom quick fix:
    Consider replacing the sink, faucets and toilet to make an older bathroom look updated and a bit shinier, cleaner. It’s relatively quick and inexpensive and can be done in a weekend.

Professional stagers look at your home through the eyes of the buyer. Be critical of your own home. Is it cluttered? Are a few items tired looking/outdated? Does the bathroom need some new towels and maybe new faucets?

These are all easy and quick fixes to really add value to your home…and help it sell!


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